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Authentic Suzani Hand Embroidered Silk on Cotton

£ 225.00 GBP
The suzani’s in our shop feature hand-embroidered silk on cotton panels. The art form originates from nomadic tribes in Central Asia and the name suzani comes from the Persian word “suzan” or “needle.” Traditionally such pieces would have been used within a yurt (a nomadic tent), as a protective wrapping panel for textiles and belongings, or as prayer mats, wall decorations or bed sheets.

Suzanis have a symbolic significance, often being made by brides as part of a dowry and presented to the groom on his wedding day. They represent the binding together of two families and are adorned with symbols of luck, health, long life and fertility. Frequently used motifs include the sun, moon, flowers, leaves, vines and fruits (especially pomegranates).

The suzani maker will first sketch the design on the cotton (pencil marks are still visible sometimes on the fabric) and then divide it among the women in the village who help embroider them separately. Once complete, the panels are sewn back together to create one large, decorative piece.

This piece measures 145cm x 210cm (57 inches x 82 inches)

Spot clean or dry clean recommended.